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Our History

July28 Consulting is a division of the July28 Group. The organization was founded on 1 July 2010 in the City of Dar es Salaam, before relocating to the founders’ home country Zimbabwe in October of the same year. It is the first female registered accounting firm in Zimbabwe.
July28 Consulting previously known as July28 has diversified over the years into software and hardware, and in the last few years organic agriculture resulting in a group of divisions all under the July28 banner.
The largest pool of clients July28 Consulting serves are the small to medium entities and assists the larger corporates on their Financial Statement Compilations, Audit Preparation and Assistance, Board Support, and Risk and Advisory.


To help businesses be their best


To introduce efficiencies that liberate our clients to work at their optimal levels.


A world where businesses are enabled to reach their full potential through our expertise.


Our faith in achieving the seemingly impossible knows no bounds. It gives our leadership the courage they require. We will always face up to the inevitable challenges our business, environment and client presents us with. Our bravery in business will give our clients confidence in us.

We know that if we don’t adapt, we die. So, we strive to be progressive in everything we do. By having foresight and dynamism, and never fearing change, we will remain on the forefront of our industry. Relevant and healthy.

Thoughtfulness, thoroughness and rigour are the hallmarks of our work. Our business ethic can only be equaled by our work ethic. We will continue to be admired for our product and people who set the industry benchmark.

Our strength is in our diversity, our unity in our difference. Differing backgrounds, cultures and makeup, make us one. Differing opinions and approaches give us a collective wisdom for the good of our clients and industry.

Our work gives our clients comfort and confidence. In becoming customer-centric, we understand the importance of our customers’ emotional state(s) when working with us. We strive to give them faith and calm through pure professionalism, at all times.

We know we are nothing if we are not trusted. Our competence, transparency and care for our customers and their affairs is foremost in earning their lifelong trust. Our integrity is beyond reproach.

Board of Directors

Lynette Mutsekwa

Lynette Mutsekwa CA (Z)

Non-Executive Board Member

Nyasha Mutsai

Nyasha Mutsai

Non-Executive Board Member

Happiness Vundla

Happiness Vundla CA (Z)

Non-Executive Board Member

Lillian Pswarayi

Lillian Pswarayi

Non-Executive Board Member

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