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The July28 Consulting team understands that from collecting dues to settlement of bills and managing cash flow, managing the finance function effectively is essential to the continued success and existence of businesses the world over. We connect with your need of assurance that financial records and financial reports are accurate as it assists in understanding the financial health of the business including the need to stay compliant in all administrative aspects that affect the organization. When you partner with us, our full outsourced finance function will take care of your:

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Bookkeeping to accounting – IFRS Compliant Financial Statements

From data capture on cloud-based ERPs of all your organizations financial transactions to preparation of monthly management reports and annual financial statements. Audit preparation assistance including being your team through the whole audit process if required.

We assist both private, public sector and not for profit organization reporting as a service even for those that we do not bookkeep for. Ensuring you are fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Sustainability Reporting
The triple bottom line is a business concept that posits firms should commit to measuring their social and environmental impact—in addition to their financial performance—we assist organisations report accordingly.

Taxation and Statutory Compliance

Full compliance with taxation requirements of all entity types from your start up to the large corporates across all tax heads.

Organisations don’t exist without the need to comply with other statutory bodies in the country be it pension organisations, development funds and your specific sector compliance requirements.

We assist from registration to recurrent compliance at the required intervals.

Company Secretarial

Our Company Secretarial Services team understand your business and will lead the way in delivering cost effective, comprehensive solutions for your corporate governance and company secretarial needs. We have in depth knowledge of most industry sectors and expertise in delivering corporate administration solutions to chairpersons, non-executive directors, finance directors, executive boards and company secretaries, benefits all of our clients alike.

We also offer administration services like: –
New Company registrations – Updating of returns and statutory changes with the Registrar of Companies

Risk and Advisory

Key to ensuring your organization makes better decision to achieve its strategic objectives.

Internal Audit
We partner organisations and assist in implementing and improving compliance, governance and risk management-related processes and controls within an organization.
Balance sheet optimization
Finding the optimum debt to equity ratio for your business. Reduce money going out with the goal to build cash reserves. Managing accounts receivable are amongst the areas we can look at to ensure your
Funding advisory
From putting winning proposals together including preparing the requisition financial models. Our team will assist in walking the journey with you.
Understanding the correct valuation for your business will not doubt give you the comfort of the outcome of the process. Our team has the skills and expertise to deliver accordingly by ensuring the appropriate valuation/s for your need is conducted.
Due Diligence
Ensuring you are making the correct acquisition decision will require the correct investigative process and a quality report. We will ensure that this is addressed in a diligent and professional manner with full understanding of the purpose of why our client requires the due diligence.
Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
Growth, diversification and specialization all drive the decision to merge, acquire or dispose.  We are your go to partner through the process.  Being part of your advisory and negotiation team from the beginning to the end of the process.
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